Marvel Releasing Infinity Stones Made From Real Gems For High-End Collectors

High-end collectibles are taking a bigger chunk of the hobby market every year, with companies like Sideshow Collectibles and Robosen asking for hundreds of dollars in exchange for a quality of craftsmanship fans a decade or two ago could only have dreamed of. The latest installment takes that philosophy to a logical extreme, teaming Marvel and East Continental Gems on a line of precious stones themed after the gems that power the Infinity Gauntlet. The curated collection launches soon with the Reality Stone (actually a ruby), of which 300 will be made, with prices that range from $1,500 to $20,000.

Available for preorder at ECG's website, each gem in the collection is numbered and will come sealed in custom packaging and shipped in a durable carrying case. The on-sale date is November 15, 2022.

"On the heels of our successful reveal of the Infinity Gauntlet, we wanted to provide Marvel fans and collectors the unique opportunity to take a piece of this Marvel treasure home with them," said Paul Gitter, SVP, Marvel Consumer Products. "We're proud to collaborate with East Continental Gems to bring these six, quality Infinity Stones to life."

Darren Romanelli aka DRx, a Los Angeles-based creative whose credits include Coca-Cola and the Friedman Benda anniversary exhibition, serves as the collection's Creative Director. Each Stone is hand selected and will be certified by one of the world's leading agencies, American Gemological Laboratories  (AGL).

"Gemology is all about the love of, passion for and scientific investigation of gemstones," said Christopher P. Smith, owner and chief gemologist of AGL. "Integrating all of that into a further appreciation of the Infinity Gauntlet and the Infinity Gems Collection, as a long-time comic book fan, is really something akin to a dream come true."

East Continental Gems will follow the release of the Reality Stone with unique collections of the five additional Infinity Stones from the Marvel Universe – Time, Space, Reality, Mind, Power and Soul. Any person who purchases all six Stones will be eligible to purchase a hand-crafted Infinity Gauntlet to house all Stones.

This Genesis Series comes on the heels of the monumental unveiling of the Infinity Gauntlet at San Diego Comic-Con this past summer. The Gauntlet features one-of-a-kind versions of all six Stones totaling more than 150 Carats with an estimated value of $25 Million – making it one of the rarest collectibles to debut at SDCC. The Infinity Gauntlet was customized by Gentle Giant, Ltd., the industry leader in high-end collectible toys and consumer products sold throughout the world.

"This just keeps getting better. We were so excited about the interest and excitement surrounding the unveiling at Comic-Con, however, our real interest was in creating Infinity Gems accessible to more fans of the Marvel Universe," said Adam Mirzoeff, President of East Continental Gems.