Marvel Might've Just Killed Everyone's Favorite Supporting Character

Spoilers for this week's Devil's Reign #3 follow! Devil's Reign, the latest Marvel crossover event series, is in the midst of its publishing schedule and the bodies have seemingly started to hit the floor. Put together by writer Chip Zdarsky and artist Marco Checchetto, Devil's Reign follows the fall-out of Daredevil getting out of prison and his taunting of Mayor Kingpin, who in turn has made it illegal for masked vigilantes to operate in New York City. With no clear path forward to fight this, as in, they can't really use their fists, The Avengers come up with a plan to beat Fisk at the ballot box by putting up Luke Cage against him as a candidate for mayor. Tragically this has seemingly resulted in the first causality of Devil's Reign.

This week's issue of Devil's Reign sees Luke Cage giving his first address to the voters of New York City as a candidate, with none other than Foggy Nelson, the legal partner of Matt Murdock, appearing alongside him as his attorney. Foggy even addresses the crowd about Luke's status as a vigilante while he's also running for mayor, calling it the biggest issue of the campaign. In the final pages of the issue however, a pair of goons have broken into his office and decided to silence him with violence. The page concludes with lots of blood and a red panel, perhaps implying Foggy's death, but Devil's Reign has pulled this trick on us already. Look below and decide for yourself.

(Photo: MARVEL)

It's worth noting that the two people who attack Foggy can be seen earlier in the comic watching him deliver his speech. We're perhaps supposed to think that they're working for Fisk, but their demeanor and means of attack don't seem in-line with Kingpin's plans. We're going to posit a guess that they're goons hired by the Stromwyns, the wealthy pair of twins that have facilitated Fisk's rise to power, or perhaps even someone else.

Devil's Reign has already tricked us with one fake-out death though, teasing the demise of The Purple Man in its first issue only to turn around and reveal he still draws breath (for now). Could this be another fake out? Foggy has knocked on death's door previously with his cancer diagnosis during Mark Waid's Daredevil run, and this definitely happens quicker than that one. Check back here in February for the reveal.

You can find the full solicitation and cover for the next issue of Devil's Reign below.

(Photo: MARVEL)

(W) Chip Zdarsky (A/CA) Marco Checchetto
Wilson Fisk, duly elected Mayor of New York, has broken. Whatever shred of decency that may have been left of him is gone entirely and now, with an army of super villains at his command, THE KINGPIN has set his gaze upon everyone the heroes of the Marvel Universe hold dear – but even the Kingpin is unaware of the magnitude of danger he has put the city, its citizens and even himself with his war against the city's super heroes!
Rated T+
In Shops: Feb 09, 2022