Marvel's Moon Knight Villain Rumored To Be Revealed

Disney threw everyone for a loop this year when they announced a Moon Knight television series would be coming to its new streaming service Disney+, though aside from the logo we don't know much else about it. That includes who will play Marc Spector (aka Moon Knight) or if his nemesis Bushman will make it into the series, but according to MCU Cosmic's sources, it does seem that we might now know at least one villain who is taking part in the show. They say a reliable source has told them that Stained Glass Scarlet will be appearing in the series, though it does not say in what way she will be used or if she's the main villain of the series.

Many assumed that Bushman would be the main villain, as he's the most well known of Moon Knight's adversaries in the comics. That could still very well happen even if Stained Glass Scarlet ends up being a part of the show too, and despite not being as well known as Bushman, Stained Glass Scarlet has been around in the comics for quite some time.

Scarlet made her debut back in Moon Knight #14, and much like Moon Knight, she doesn't have powers (though she does wield a crossbow that can do some damage). That said, what makes her interesting, especially in a series context, is that in the comics she shares a psychic connection with Spector. That connection not only allows them to communicate (if the person on the other end is receptive mind you), but it also allows her to appear in Spector's dreams if the connection is open. In the comics the two came into conflict after Moon Knight attempted to stop her bombing attacks, ultimately ending in her apparent death after she lept off a bridge.

(Photo: Marvel)

Having her involved in the plot definitely brings up some interesting scenarios, which get even more interesting if you throw in someone like Bushman. We'll have to wait and see if this turns out to be true, but you've certainly got our interest Marvel.


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