Fan-Hated Marvel Movie Streaming Soon on Amazon Prime

There's absolutely no shortage of Marvel movies for fans to experience, between the Marvel [...]

There's absolutely no shortage of Marvel movies for fans to experience, between the Marvel Cinematic Universe and titles within other franchises. Of course, some fans think a few of these blockbusters didn't stick the landing as well as others — and it looks like one of the films in that category is soon headed to streaming. 2003's Daredevil movie is expected to be available to stream on Amazon Prime Video beginning Wednesday, September 1st. This will give subscribers the opportunity to experience or revisit the film, which sees Ben Affleck famously portraying the Man Without Fear, in a cast that also includes Jennifer Garner as Elektra, Colin Farrell as Bullseye, and Michael Clarke Duncan as The Kingpin.

Daredevil first debuted in theaters in 2003, and was immediately met with a mixed response from both critics and fans alike. The film would ultimately gain an R-rated director's cut in 2004, which included an additional 30 minutes of footage. Despite its initial reception, the film did become a box office hit with a gross of over $179 million worldwide, and spawned an Elektra spinoff film in 2005.

While general audiences have since gotten another take on Daredevil, in the form of Charlie Cox portraying the character on Marvel's Netflix series of the same name, the 2003 film has almost turned around to become a cult classic.

"I always thought that Ben Affleck's portrayal of Matt Murdock was really good. I mean, I thought it was really spot on," Cox said of the 2003 film in an interview with last year. "I think the movie at times totally does kind of jump around a bit and is a bit confusing. It's also difficult, it's right at the beginning of all the CGI stuff, and that very quickly looks quite old now. But at the time, it was really cool that they were attempting that."

"It is obviously therefore very well suited to long-form television," Cox continued. "Because, you've got, you know, decades of great stories, and characters, and ideas. What was great for us without kind of plagiarizing any particular moment or particular run, we were able to pick and choose moments that have worked really well, and we had, as I said, 60 years of research to draw on."

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