Marvel Releases Death Of Doctor Strange Trailer

Earlier this year Marvel officially announced The Death of Doctor Strange as an all-new event that [...]

Earlier this year Marvel officially announced The Death of Doctor Strange as an all-new event that would take place in the pages of Marvel Comics and now a new trailer for the storyline teases what will bring the Sorcerer Surpeme to his end. The video begins with a vague tease, "You never know which day will be your last," harkening back to imagery of Stephen Strange prior to his days of magic, the video closes out with the caption "It will take the entire Marvel universe to solve the murder of Doctor Strange" and features an image of a coffin drapped in his cloak of levetation. Check out the trailer below!

The series will see writer Jed MacKay (Black Cat, Moon Knight) and artist Lee Garbett (Captain Marvel) bringing the story to live with the five-issue series kicking off in September. But without Doctor Strange, who will defend the Earth in the Sorcerer Supreme's place? According to Marvel, that, along with discovering who killed the hero, is the story of Death of Doctor Strange. In addition to those five issues of Doctor Strange a series of tie-in issues will be published including Death of Doctor Strange: Avengers, Strange Academy Presents: Death of Doctor Strange, The Death of Doctor Strange: White Fox, and The Death of Doctor Strange: Spider-Man.

"'What happens to the world if Doctor Strange isn't in it?' It's a question that I'm excited to show people the answer to in Death of Doctor Strange," MacKay previously said in a press release. "Strange has been a Marvel fixture from the early days, but now, his time has run out and as a Strange fan, it's been my bittersweet privilege to shepherd him through his last day and the effects that snowball out of it. We've cooked up a whale of a story to send Strange off with, and I can't wait for people to join us on it!"

Death of Doctor Strange
(Photo: Kaare Andrews, Marvel)

"Doctor Strange has long been top of my 'most coveted character' list. To finally get chance to draw him in such a momentous series is… well, magic," Garbett added. "I couldn't be more excited for the project and for everyone to see what we've got in store for Stephen and those closest to him. Jed's conjured the perfect finale for Doctor Strange - and it's a real third eye-opener! See you in September!"

Death of Doctor Strange #1 goes on sale September 22.