Marvel Reveals Wolverine was Present for Birth of Another X-Men Character

A shot to the heart for the X-Men comics line arrived this week from Marvel in the form of X Lives of Wolverine #1. The new series is half of the larger tale with X Deaths of Wolverine arriving in alternate weeks, and hails from writer Benjamin Percy and artists Joshua Cassara (X Lives), Federico Vicentini (X Deaths), and Adam Kubert (covers). With the first issue now released we have a better idea of what the series will entail as the threat and the stakes were confirmed with the revelation that Omega Red is traveling through time (maybe?) to try and assassinate Charles Xavier at different points in his life, including his birth.

The first issue of the series begins at this shocking place, with Xavier's father standing on a balcony waiting for his wife to give birth. While standing there he's greeted by a surprise person, Wolverine, who tells him to go get his gun and begins the fight against a person that appears to be possessed by Omega Red. After a lengthy fight, one where Omega Red jumps between bodies and attacks Wolverine and the Xaviers, Wolverine goes out of his way to make it clear he's there to help, even cutting the umbilical cord and cradling a baby Professor X. It's precious as you can see below.

(Photo: MARVEL)

One interesting thing is that the issue does go out of its way to make note of Charles' sister, Cassandra Nova Xavier, who is considered stillborn by the midwife that's present at the time. As fans of deep X-Men lore know however, she wasn't dead and would go on to become a major villain.

"I'm going to make a bold statement: I set out to write the greatest Wolverine story ever told," Percy previously told EW. "I'm not trying to belittle previous creators when I say that. The opposite. I'm trying to honor them. When we reveal the expansive scope-and legacy elements-of the project, you'll understand what I mean. We're creating a definitive platform that channels all the Wolverine stories that came before, while shredding our way into a wild future." 

You can find the solicitations for the next two issues in the series below, expect plenty of more revelations from Wolverine's Marvel history.

(W) Ben Percy (A) Federico Vicentini (CA) Adam Kubert
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(W) Ben Percy (A) Joshua Cassara (CA) Adam Kubert
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