Marvel Just Put a Dark Twist on One of Scarlet Witch's Most Iconic Moments

To say that Wanda Maximoff (aka Scarlet Witch) has had a... complicated role in the Marvel Universe would be an extreme understatement. Before Elizabeth Olsen opened up whole new dimensions of the character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Wanda was pretty much synonymous with several milestone moments where her fractured mind and godly powers spiraled out of control. However, the latest Marvel event running through X-Men comics just put a sick twist on what was already one the darkest moments in Scarlet Witch's history! 


The new Sins of Sinister event comic sees the X-Men's longtime foe (and now fellow countryman) Mr. Sinsiter finally move against the mutant nation of Krakoa – and after it, the entire Earth and cosmos! 

Sinister's latest scheming and genetic tinkering resulted in him cloning one of the most powerful mutants in existence (Moira Mactaggert) and using her powers (to reset the timeline upon her death and rebirth) to create a cosmic do-over button (a la Edge of Tomorrow). Using that temporal trick, Sinister finds means to kill key members of Krakoa's ruling body the Quiet Council (Xavier, Emma Frost, Exodus, and Hope Summers), and have Krakoa's pattened resurrection protocols bring them back as corrupted agents under Sinister's control and direction. Using humanity's desire to be included in the mutant resurrection process, Sinister has his "Sinister Council" corrupt/kill/replace more world leaders and powerful figures – and eventually turn his sights on the most powerful heroes of the Marvel Universe!

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As stated, Scarlet Witch is indeed one of the most powerful characters in Marvel – in fact, one of Wanda's most pivotal moments came when she re-wrote the reality of the entire Marvel Universe into one that put mutants at the forefront of society (House of M). When her faux fantasy world imploded, Wanda nearly eliminated all mutants from the Earth with just a whisper of words ("No more mutants") in the dark event known as "M Day." 

Well, in Sins of Sinister #1 Mr. Sinister decides that he isn't taking any chances on Wanda changing the reality of the world he's crafted for himself, and is happy to payback the favor she showed mutants on M-Day. After taking out major teams (The Avengers, Fantastic Four) Sinister has his mutant agents knock Asgard into the depths of space, and then has Scarlet Witch brutally incinerated by a laser beam from the heavens that she never sees coming! 

(Photo: Marvel)

To add insult to injury, Sinister captions the moment by saying "No more Wanda. Just in case." 

The death of Scarlet Witch is just one of the many wild Easter eggs and callbacks that Sins of Sinister throws at Marvel fans – in top of the brutal kills that occur throughout the book (see: Thanos). For longtime fans of these characters, the payoff is great. 

Sins of Sinister is now on sale at Marvel.