Marvel Star Tessa Thompson Says Valkyrie Would Beat Killmonger in a Fight

It's the Marvel Cinematic Universe showdown we didn't know we needed. During the press tour for [...]

It's the Marvel Cinematic Universe showdown we didn't know we needed. During the press tour for their upcoming movie, Creed II, Marvel actors Tessa Thompson and Michael B. Jordan stopped by IGN to quiz each other on various topics.

From the lyrics to the iconic Rocky jam "Eye of the Tiger" (which Jordan does not know) to Sylvester Stallone descriptors ("mischievous", "dedicated," "innovator"), Thompson and Jordan had some fun with each other.

Things didn't even have time to get heated when Jordan asked who would win in a fight between their MCU characters: Killmonger and Valkyrie.

Jordan's character, Erik Killmonger, was the main antagonist in Black Panther, which was released earlier this year. The character was pretty lethal, nearly killing King T'Challa and stealing his throne. The character's body is even covered in intimidating, self-inflicted scarification markings, which represent each individual kill he's ever made. (During the interview, Thompson jokingly asked how he managed to remove the scars before filming Creed II.)

While Jordan's character may be dangerous and fierce, he's still only human. Valkyrie, who we first meet onscreen in Thor: Ragnarok, on the other hand, is an Asgardian, stemming from the same place as the God of Thunder himself, Thor. This fact alone could be why Thompson answered the question before Jordan could even finish. He asked, "Who would win in a fight, Killmonger—"

"Valkyrie," Thompson answered quickly and calmly.

"You don't even wanna think about it?," asked Jordan. She took her head with a resounding, "Nope."

While Killmonger may be a severely rough dude, we'd probably have to side with Thompson on this one. Her character, whose real name is Brunnhilde, was part of the Valkyries, a group of women warriors who fought as Odin's elite special forces. Not only was she the only Valkyrie to survive Hela, the goddess of DEATH, but her following successes as a bounty hunter would put Killmonger to shame.

Most importantly, Valkyrie managed to capture not one, but two Avengers: Hulk and Thor. Not only are these guys Avengers, but they are undeniably the strongest of the bunch. We don't give her enough credit for that one!

While it's certainly fun to think about, it's unlikely we'll get an onscreen battle between the two characters any time soon (Killmonger didn't survive Black Panther and Valkyrie's fate is still in question after the opening scene in Avengers: Infinity War left her whereabouts unknown).

However, if you're jonsing for some Thompson and Jordan content, Creed II is now playing in theaters everywhere.