‘The Defenders’ Season 2 Is Not In Marvel’s Current Plans

There are no plans for a second go at Marvel-Netflix series The Defenders, says Marvel TV head [...]

There are no plans for a second go at Marvel-Netflix series The Defenders, says Marvel TV head Jeph Loeb.

Asked if there would be a second season of the superhero crossover during an 'Ask Me Anything' session on Reddit Thursday, Loeb answered, "Not in the plans right now, but you never know!"

The Defenders is labeled as a "limited series" on Netflix. The eight-episode miniseries premiered exclusively on the streaming service last August.

In May, Jessica Jones star Krysten Ritter said a second team up didn't appear to be in the cards.

"Y'know, I had a great time doing The Defenders and honestly, it was such a good experience that I would even do it again. I don't think we are doing it again. It was never intentioned to do it again, but, you know, if I was given another opportunity, I would," Ritter told Vulture.

"My heart is with my show because of the subject matter and because of the great drama that we get to do and the personal issues that we explore. For me, that is more the type of content that I enjoy as a viewer and as a performer. My heart is in Jessica Jones, but I did have a great time doing The Defenders with the guys. We had a good time. It is what it is."

Ritter's hardened super-powered detective teamed with blind vigilante Daredevil (Charlie Cox), bulletproof Harlem hero Luke Cage (Mike Colter) and martial artist Iron Fist (Finn Jones) to protect New York from a shadowy conspiracy.

A month after its debut, The Defenders was reportedly the least-viewed of the Marvel-Netflix series, at that time consisting of two seasons of Daredevil and single seasons for Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist.

In its first 30 days, the crossover pulled in just 17% of viewings earned by Daredevil's sophomore season in March 2016.

Marvel has since debuted The Punisher on the streaming service followed by a sophomore run for Jessica Jones. Season 2 of Luke Cage drops this month and a second season of the poorly-received Iron Fist is expected late 2018 as is a third season of Daredevil.