Did Marvel Just Kill SPOILER, Again?

Marvel Comics appears to have just killed a fan-favorite X-Men character again.SPOILERS for [...]

Marvel Comics appears to have just killed a fan-favorite X-Men character again.

SPOILERS for Extermination #4 by Ed Brisson, Pepe Lraz, Arid Anindito, Dexter Vines, and Erick Arciniega follow.

Extermination is the culmination of the original X-Men's time living in the present day. For some time, they've known that they would have to return to their own era to live out their lives as intended and not disturb the timeline. What they didn't realize was they may have extended their stay in the present for too long already.

A younger version of Cable showed up, killed the older Cable, and started kidnapping the original five X-Men. In Extermination #4, Jean Grey and X-Force finally catch up with this Cable and find out why. It's because he's been to a future where Iceman was killed before the original X-Men traveled back in time. This sent the future down a dark path, one that's been shown in the post-credits scenes in X-Men titles leading up to Extermination and during Magneto's visit to the future in some the last few issues of X-Men Blue.

Cable notes that while Iceman died in the timeline he saw, a similar future would await if any of the original X-Men died before being sent back to their own time. This is why Ahab, the mutant-hunting master of the Hounds from the Days of Future Past timeline, has started hunting those original five X-Men down, killing Bloodstorm in the process.

Ahab has turned several of the X-Men - Prestige, Shatterstar, Old Man Logan, and Nightcrawler - into hounds and leads the group to Searebro, the underwater base of Jean Grey's X-Men squad, to go after young Cyclops. He turns several of Jean' teammates into hounds, but the X-Men stand their ground long enough for Jean and X-Force to arrive and provide backup.

The group tries to convince Cyclops to leave while he can, but he's still angry over the death of Bloodstorm. Cyclops tries to fight back, firing away with his optic blasts, but Ahab hurls a harpoon at him and the result is devastating to the X-Men.

Extermination Cyclops Death

It seems that Ahab has succeeded in his mission. Is it still possible for the original five X-Men to return home and set things right? What kind of future will the death of young Cyclops create? There's still one more issue of Extermination left to find out.

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Extermination #4 is on sale now.