Marvel's X-Men Relaunch Reveals One Mutant That Can't Go to Krakoa

Marvel’s X-Men relaunch with writer Jonathan Hickman established a new home for all mutants. The [...]

Marvel's X-Men relaunch with writer Jonathan Hickman established a new home for all mutants. The sentient mutant island Krakoa is now a nation unto itself. Krakoa welcomes mutants worldwide to find shelter and sanctuary within its lush landscape. The founders of Krakoa granted even the most notorious mutant villains in the Marvel universe a chance at living in peace on the island. But Marauders #1 reveals that there's one mutant who can't set foot on Krakoa. It's not a character most mutants would have expected. The reasons for their forced absence remain unknown. SPOILERS for Marauders #1 by Gerry Duggan, Matteo Lolli, and Federico Blee follow.

Hickman's House of X and Powers of X revealed that Professor X and Magneto enlisted the White Queen, Emma Frost, into Krakoa's Quiet Council. But they also had another specific task in mind for her. Professor X and Magneto wanted Emma to front the Hellfire Trading Company. The company will distribute Krakoa's miracle drugs to nations around the world. But there's a second purpose for the Hellfire Trading Company. Not all nations recognize Krakoa as a legitimate nation. Some of those nations oppress mutants living within their borders. Krakoa won't let that stand.

That's why Emma sought out Kitty Pryde. Emma and Kitty have a long history and Emma trusts Kitty more than anyone to see such a delicate and important mission through. Marauders #1 reveals there may be another reason why Kitty is perfect for the job. For some reason, she can't walk through any of the portals leading to Krakoa.

Kitty Pryde Krakoa X-Men Marvel
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Kitty tries different portal locations, but nothing works. Unable to enter Krakoa's mutant paradise, she takes Emma up on her offer. Together with Bishop, Storm, Iceman, and Pyro, she forms the new Marauders.

That Kitty of all mutants isn't able to pass through Krakoa's portals is ironic, given her mutant gift allows her to phase through solid objects. The reason why Krakoa's portals remain impenetrable to her remains a mystery. Krakoa has to approve visitors passing through its portals, meaning it's possible Krakoa doesn't want Kitty around. Why that would be is unclear. It could also be a mental hangup. There could be something in Kitty's subconscious holding her back from crossing Krakoa's threshold. Though, considering she's spent almost her life among the X-Men, it's unclear what could be anchoring her to the world of humans.

Another possibility relates to a mystery first revealed in Hunt for Wolverine: The Adamantium Agenda. By the end of that series, a group of heroes discovered that one of the X-Men isn't a mutant. The identity of that non-mutant remains a mystery. It's that no human will ever set foot on Krakoa. If Kitty is that human — whether she knows it or not — that may explain why she cannot pass through the portals.

Why do you think Kitty isn't able to visit Krakoa? Let us know in the comments. Marauders #1 is on sale now.