Marvel's Black Widow Footage Released at D23

Marvel fans have long awaited a solo Black Widow movie, and now those fans are getting their wish as Scarlett Johansson takes the character into a brand new MCU film set between Captain America: Civil War and Avengers: Infinity War. The new Black Widow movie looks to have the super spy taking on what is thought to be the Taskmaster as well as plenty of other enemies, and Marvel fans got their first look at the big-time film at the Disney Studios panel at D23. We're guessing from the footage shown at the panel that Widow fans will be quite happy with the results. was on hand to watch the new footage shown, which had Natasha facing off against Yelena Belova, who fans will know from the comics as the other Black Widow for a time until she became an adversary and went kind of crazy. In the footage, the two are facing off and Johansson's Black Widow is wearing an all-white suit.

Yelena starts mocking her pose, telling her "it's your fighting pose, you're a total poser!"

It's unclear whether or not this footage will make it out into the public after the panel, but we definitely want to see more, and we can't wait to see these two mix it up when the full movie hits.


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