Marvel's Miles Morales Gets New Carnage Costume

Absolute Carnage has put Miles Morales through the proverbial wringer over the course of the [...]

Absolute Carnage has put Miles Morales through the proverbial wringer over the course of the event. There have been a lot symbiote firsts for the young hero, and he just got a fresh new look in the pages of Absolute Carnage Miles Morales #3. Now, previous issues laid out that Eddie Brock and Spider-Man were trying to save as many people from the Knull-driven Carnage monsters running amok. Miles got separated from Brock and succumbed to the alien's dark powers. *Spoilers for Absolute Carnage Miles Morales #3 follow.*

The symbiote hive mind ordered the young Spider-Man to kill J. Jonah Jameson. Miles almost did the deed but stopped as his conscience couldn't let him kill the man in cold blood. That feeling of doubt caused the symbiote and Spider-Man to split, freeing Miles up to save some more people while he battled the alien menace across the city. When he cornered the pesky symbiote again, the Wall-Crawler realized he could use the being's power against it by retaining control of his mind. The resulting suit is sure to help him in the dangerous battles that lie ahead.

(Photo: Marvel Entertainment)

Carnage has had many different looks in Marvel Comics history and this latest suit for miles is just alien enough to make you uneasy. Starting off with all of those arms like the six-armed versions of Spider-Man that populate the multiverse. The spider-symbol usually in the middle of Miles' suit is taken to a much more abstract level here. But, one of the coolest flourishes along with this power-up is the eyes of his mask extending out beyond his head. The design checks all the 90s comics boxes; unearthly, foreboding, and undoubtedly extreme.

Marvel has some other nasty surprises for Spider-adjacent characters over the course of Absolute Carnage. Every character that has been in contact with a symbiote is in danger. The victims of Carnage can turn into drones charged with finding and removing the Codex attached to the spine of people who have housed the symbiote previously. As Miles' case proves, just being close with those affected is enough to draw you into the battle.

But now, the Web-Slinger has a power boost and a need to protect other people not strong enough to resist the symbiote's siren call. He's going to need some help though, the alien forces have overwhelmed a lot of heroes earlier in the event. You would have to imagine that there will only be more casualties as the book progresses. But, for now, Miles is back on the side of the good guys and in charge of his own body.