Michael Keaton Back in Talks as Spider-Man: Homecoming Villain

While actor Michael Keaton had once passed on the role of the lead villain in Spider-Man: [...]


While actor Michael Keaton had once passed on the role of the lead villain in Spider-Man: Homecoming, it looks like he could still take the job after all. Keaton is back in talks with Sony and Marvel, Variety reports, and is close to a deal that's beneficial for all.

The first rumors of his casting hit in April 2016, with signs pointing to the Vulture as the main villain of the film, coincidental since Keaton recently played a retired superhero actor famous for his role as "Birdman" in the movie of the same name.

Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios are producing the film together, but Sony is funding the Spider-Man solo movies, and apparently concerns over actors' salaries came up after they signed Robert Downey Jr. to the cast, reprising his role as Tony Stark, Iron Man. Downey, it sounds, will be the primary connecting factor between the Marvel Cinematic Universe's previous films and Spider-Man, after Stark recruited young Peter Parker in this month's Captain America: Civil War.

Keaton's villainous role would be the second mystery casting after actress Zendaya was added to the film presumably as one of Parker's classmates. The film will take place at and during his high school years, as director Jon Watts has cited the 80s John Hughes films as an influence (though we suspect there will be a bit more action than most of those). Marisa Tomei, who also debuted in Civil War, will play Aunt May, and Tom Holland headlines the film as Peter Parker/Spider-Man.

Michael Keaton's recent film history has been nothing but huge success, as he's starred in the Academy Awards Best Picture winners two years in a row with Spotlight and Birdman before it.



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