Morbius: Al Madrigal Reveals Alternate Ending & Deleted Scene Details, "I Got Butchered In That Thing"

If you were wondering just how much was cut out of Morbius: the answer is quite a lot. Many fans felt like the final product that hit theaters earlier this month had suffered from a Suicide Squad-esque case of over-editing, which seems to be the case. There were multiple scenes from the Morbius trailers that didn't make the theatrical cut in any way, shape, or form. Al Madrigal, who appeared as one of the main detectives in the film, had a large portion of his role cut, including both action and comedy scenes.

Madrigal's Agent Rodriguez is the comedic relief of Morbius, and it's clear when you watch the film that he was able to improvise many of his scenes. What we saw, however, was just a fraction of what he shot. During an interview with, Madrigal opens up about how much of his work in Morbius didn't make it to the screen.

"First of all, Morbius: not as bad as everybody is making it out to be," Madrigal said. "Sure, it had problems and they diced it up quite a bit. I had some hilarious lines that were cut out of that movie. I was very funny [Laughs]. In London, when you shoot they do a halfway party exactly midway through the film and there's a big blowout. Editors came up to me. A gaggle of them came up and said, 'Oh my God, we see everything you're doing. All the subtle stuff. All of the jokes.' I got to improvise through that freely. If they'd left in just 50% more of my stuff [Laughs]. I got butchered in that thing. I think that's what they did. They just really...because of COVID, they just had so much time to mess with it. They really messed with it."

In the trailers, Madrigal and Tyrese Gibson are seen preparing for what looks like a major battle with the film's villain, played by Matt Smith. According to Madrigal, that entire fight was cut because it took place in the daylight, and some felt that wasn't right for a movie about vampires.

"You saw a complete alternate ending to this entire thing," the actor explained. "That scene you saw pictures from was shot during the day and the rationale was, 'We have a vampire movie. We can't have the big final fight scene happen during the day.' At some point, me and Tyrese fought Matt Smith. I shot for six days and none of that was shown."

Perhaps the Morbius Blu-ray will include some of Madrigal's cutting room scenes.