Ms. Marvel: How Captain Marvel Connects With Bangle and the Ten Rings

Ms. Marvel has left fans with a ton of questions after a packed finale. Some of which include: Where are the other mutants? Where did Kamala Khan go? And How did Carol Danvers get to New Jersey? Well, in the case of that last one, there have been some bread crumbs left behind for fans to begin to piece it together. Ms. Marvel basically swaps places with Captain Marvel at the end of the series. Her bangle activates unexpectedly and out pops Brie Larson's confused hero. She's clearly a bit out of sorts as she scopes around a bedroom decorated with her face everywhere. There is no indication where Kamala Khan ended up, but there is some concrete proof that  her bangle is just as related to the Ten Rings as people believed earlier in the season.

When Kamala's great-grandmother discovered the bangles in that structure, a lot of fans noted that curious insignia carved into the floor. With the implication that something or someone in the organization actually had contact with alien civilizations like The Kree before. Now, when the Ten Rings began emitting that signal at the end of Shang-Chi, Captain Marvel was on-hand to critique them. She said that the energy signature was like nothing she had seen before. Well, she looks similarly mystified by the energy radiating off of her hands when she ends up in Jersey. 

So, it seems easy to link both the rings and the bangle together for the time being. Also of note to fans at home was the fact that Ms. Marvel's accessories were theorized to be the Nega Bands or Quantum Bands. Both of these bracelets have deep links to the Kree in Marvel Comics. In fact, they also enable a form of shuffling like the wildness we just saw on-screen… So, take that for what it's worth. 

Getting Larson into Shang-Chi was a big ask for director Destin Daniel Cretton. He explained how they had to ask numerous times for different Avengers until they got the right mix.

"We talked about it being Brie, but we did not know that it could make plausible sense that Brie could be there," Cretton told the outlet. "I mean, it obviously helps that we ended up landing on hologram versions of these characters so they can just step away and get back into whatever crazy stuff they're dealing with. And I'm not even totally aware of what they're dealing with. All I know is I pitch ideas, and the only time that ideas get kicked back is if it doesn't make logical sense to other ideas that are percolating for those characters."

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