Mystique and Destiny Don Victorian Era Attire on a Stunning Immortal X-Men Cover (Exclusive)

The Quiet Council couple of Mystique and Destiny are dressing to impress on an upcoming cover of Immortal X-Men. The Destiny of X series has used each issue to place the spotlight on a different member of the Quiet Council, Krakoa's governing body. The political group rules over the mutant sovereign nation, which has seen its membership shift after Moira MacTaggert's secrets came to light. Gone are Apocalypse, Magneto, and Jean Gray, replaced by Destiny, Hope Summers, and Colossus. Up next for a spotlight issue is Mystique, and a cover for the eighth issue of Immortal X-Men pairs Raven Darkholme with her resurrected beloved. can exclusively reveal Mark Brooks' cover for Immortal X-Men #8, on sale November 16th. The issue will see Mystique and Destiny team up with world-renowned detective Sherlock Holmes for an adventure set in 1895 that may or may not involve Mister Sinister. The bottom of the cover has an address for "Essex House," with Essex being Mister Sinister's last name. Mystique, Destiny, and Mister Sinister have a long history together, which fans got to see a little bit in the Destiny-focused Immortal X-Men #3.

Kieron Gillen helped craft the campier version of Mister Sinister during his time on Uncanny X-Men, though he admits that he didn't think it would become a character-defining trait.

"You don't expect anything. When I'm doing big reworks on a character, I'm normally writing with a back door so other writers can rewind the clock rather than write what I did. With Sinister, you even see him tweak his personality at the start of my run. One of my things was stressing that he's a living petri dish, and that always gives a chance to change the recipe. If someone wanted to dial him back to what he was before, they could. In fact, they did — the first appearance of Sinister post-me was Business As Usual," Gillen told AIPT

He continued: "That said, there's no more sincere compliment in WFH comics than other writers using your ideas. The first time I realized for sure Jon [Hickman] actually liked my work was when Sinister arrived in his high-camp multi-body glory in Secret Wars. Thanks, Jon, you sweetie. So I've been delighted to see folks run with that, and folks pick up from there. I thought it was a neat way to take him, and I'm glad folks seemed to agree."

You can find the cover and solicitation for Immortal X-Men #8 below. The issue goes on sale November 16th.

(Photo: Marvel Comics)
  • Written by KIERON GILLEN
  • Cover by MARK BROOKS
  • Lawks! What's going on in foggy old London town in the year of our lord 1895? Well, it's only Sherlock Holmes, Mystique and Destiny on the tracks of a murderer and uncovering a truth that's significantly more sinister...
  • On Sale 11/16