New 'Black Panther' Cover Revealed For Empire Magazine

Empire magazine has revealed the cover of its special Black Panther issue.

The cover cryptically teases locations and possibly events of Black Panther, showcasing the vibrant Wakandan world and its culture. Empire dubs it the "Black Panther exclusive subscriber cover," above the art, crediting production designer Hannah Beachler.

Check out the Empire magazine cover below!


"Black Panther marks a number of firsts for the MCU — not least that it’s the first movie in the franchise to be made by a predominantly black cast and crew," Empire writes. "Slightly lower down the list in terms of industry-wide importance (but still exciting for us), is it’s the first time a film’s production designer — in this case Hannah Beachler — has designed the Empire subscriber cover. Which we’re pleased to reveal to you here and now."

The issue comes available on December 28, featuring cast and crew interviews for the upcoming Marvel Studios flick. Beachler, however, has already opened up about the film.


"I started by researching the different comics, and that’s where I started to understand the character and all the iterations he’s gone through," Beachler said. "Ryan [Coogler] sent me all these images he took when he was writing in South Africa. See how he saw the country through his eyes helped me understand the vision he had for the film."

Black Panther hits theaters February 16, 2018.