New Captain America: Civil War Viral Image Asks Where Is The Hulk

(Photo: WHIH Newsfront)

Marvel continues to push it's viral marketing campaign via the WHIH Newsfront, and on their twitter account, they asked a question that others have been pondering as well.

Their tweet states "In the wake of the Battle of Sokovia, many international governments are asking "Where is the #Hulk?" While he isn't present for Captain America: Civil War, Hulk will play a big part in Thor: Ragnarok, which will hit theatres next year. At least he won't be to blame for any of damage that his Avengers cohorts cause to that Airport in Civil War.

The network has also taken an interest in Hulk's Avengers teammate Vision, asking "The Vision. Human? Alien? Something else? Does it matter? #WHIH investigates", though the answer to that question is really all of the above.

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