Disney Delays Mulan, New Mutants and Antlers Release In Theaters Due To Coronavirus

The next films to move their release dates as a result of the dangers of the spreading coronavirus [...]

The next films to move their release dates as a result of the dangers of the spreading coronavirus are Disney films. The studio has elected to hold off on releasing Mulan, The New Mutants, and Antlers, ComicBook.com has learned. The films were scheduled for releases beginning in March and April of this year. They are the latest in a slew of films opting to hold off from their originally scheduled release dates, a list which also includes 007's No Time To Die, Fast & Furious 9, and A Quiet Place Part II. The three Disney films will seek alternate release dates in 2020.

For now, Disney is not moving titles such as Black Widow and Artemis Fowl. The Marvel film of the two is slated for release on May 1. Films for deeper into May have already packed their bags. Disney will likely evaluate the coronavirus situation in the coming weeks as safety of moviegoers gathering together remains a concern.

Disney promises to believe in the moviegoing experience, which would seemingly rule out any possible Disney+ release for the postponed titles. According to the studio, this is a rapidly evolving situation which is being watched closely.

Meanwhile, Disney and Marvel's The Falcon and The Winter Soldier is scheduled to hit the Disney+ streaming service in August. The production was nearing its completion when the coronavirus put an immediate halt to its work in Prague. The production of the series has been delayed indefinitely as a means to take precautionary measures to protect the crew and cast of the Marvel series. There is no word yet on whether or not this delay in production will impact the show's release date.

The next few weeks at the movies all seem to be vacating, likely resulting in a packed fall and winter line up with some titles ultimately adding to the already crowded 2021 year of releases.

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