New 'Thor: Ragnarok' Logo Revealed

Thor creator and legendary 'King of Comics' Jack Kirby would have turned 100 today and both fans [...]

Thor creator and legendary "King of Comics" Jack Kirby would have turned 100 today and both fans and creators alike took the opportunity to celebrate the man who changed the face of comics. Marvel Studios chief Kevin Feige in particular honored Kirby by revealing a brand-new Thor: Ragnarok logo on Twitter.

The new logo is simple with just the movie's title on a rich, wine-colored background but still evokes Kirby's larger-than-life colorful aesthetic. The letters have a metallic gleam to them with highlights of pink, yellow and blue, making them look like they could be fashioned out of Thor's armor or a piece of technology drawn by Kirby himself.

It wouldn't be the first nod to Kirby's design work. Some of that has already appeared as Easter Eggs in the Thor: Ragnarok trailer, specifically on the back wall of Grandmaster's booth in the arena.

Even before Feige's reveal of the new logo and declaration of Thor: Ragnarok being a "love letter" to Kirby's vision, the film's director Taika Waititi confirmed that the artist had a huge influence over the vision for the latest installment of Thor films. Now that influence extends to a logo befitting not just the God of Thunder, but the King of Comics as well.

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