Nova #3 Review - A Tale Of Two Novas

In comic years, Richard Rider was gone for what felt like a lifetime, but now he finds himself [...]

In comic years, Richard Rider was gone for what felt like a lifetime, but now he finds himself back amongst the living. Well, at least part of the time.

Spoilers from here on out for Nova #3, so you've been warned.

The ongoing mystery of what Rider actually is these days drives the majority of the issue though writer jeff Loveness works in some fun moments of levity throughout. Anytime Cosmo can be worked into a story's plot deserves a few kudos, but most of the humor comes from Sam and Richard's conversations via telepathic link. Rider attempting to stall by quoting Braveheart and Spider-Man of all people is priceless.

Rider is the mentor that an entire team of Avengers couldn't provide, and it shows. Their relationship has tons of potential, and Richard pushes Sam whenever he can with blunt but compassionate words. It makes you wonder how their relationship will fare when Sam realizes Richard's condition, which is assuredly coming down the pike.

How Richard actually returned from the dead and what he's brought with him will continue to be a big part of the storyline, and hopefully, the payoff will be worth the buildup.

On the art side of things, Ramon Perez provides some entertaining action sequences that soar anytime the darker Nova comes out of hiding. The art is bright and colorful, but sometimes the stylistic pencils overtake the weight of the situation. When Sam and Richard face a hard decision, the tension isn't as heightened as it could be, and the art's the biggest reason why.

Nova continues to be an entertaining cosmic soap opera with an intriguing mystery lying underneath. The story just hasn't exactly hit its full potential just yet.

Rating 3 out of 5 Stars.

Nova #3 is written by Jeff Loveness with art by Ramon Perez and coloring by Ian Herring. The official description can be found below.

Richard Rider…back from the dead?! But HOW?! And WHY?! And what does his return spell for Sam Alexander?

Nova #3 is in comic shops now.

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