Ryan Reynolds Reached Out to Fan Who Came Up With 'Once Upon a Deadpool' Plot Last Year

One day after a fan said he pitched the idea of Once Upon a Deadpool to Ryan Reynolds a year ago, [...]

One day after a fan said he pitched the idea of Once Upon a Deadpool to Ryan Reynolds a year ago, actor and producer Ryan Reynolds apparently reached out to the fan to clear up any confusion.

While some might have assumed some nefarious intentions, whether it be from someone trying to claim credit for an idea or from a Hollywood superstar plagiarizing an idea, it seems like it was simply a coincidence.

Writer and artist Michael Vincent Bramley suggested the plot of the PG-13 Deadpool movie last year after news broke that Disney was interested in buying 20th Century Fox and other entertainment assets. The plot was eerily similar to what ended up making the screen, with Deadpool kidnapping the adult Fred Savage and reenacting the events of The Princess Bride.

Bramley started posting about it after becoming aware of the new trailer for Once Upon a Deadpool, saying that his wife was the one who told him about the "family-friendly" version of the film.

"[My wife] said it was a PG cut and that the trailer was great," Bramley told iO9. "I told her I had the best PG work-around for Deadpool ever and explained the Fred Savage pitch. I gave the kidnapped Fred Savage spiel and, because she couldn't remember it from a year ago, she assumed I was just describing the trailer. It quickly dawned on us that something was up and I started to freak out a bit, because I remembered tweeting it at Ryan Reynolds and I usually never check Twitter. I actually barely tweet at all. Usually I share these thoughts on Facebook, but I guess I thought that idea was a bit too perfect and they might actually use it."

In his latest tweet, Bramley reveals that he has spoken with Reynolds and reiterated that he has no intention of filing a lawsuit, stating that the entire ordeal was a coincidence.

Deadpool 2 co-writer Paul Wernick credited Reynolds with the idea in an interview with /Film, saying that it came about as they were wrapping up the original film.

"We definitely shot new stuff. And recently too. After Deadpool 2 came out and we were all sitting around, we came to it less about the idea of let's make a PG-13 movie and more, 'Let's talk a little bit about Deadpool.'" Wernick said. "We were kicking around some ideas and then I think it was Ryan [Reynolds] who had the great framing device and we all got excited and went to the studio. They said, 'Yeah, let's do it. Fire up the cameras.'"

Once Upon a Deadpool premieres in theaters on December 21st.