'Once Upon a Deadpool' End Credits Scene Claims 'X-Force' Was Announced to Keep Josh Brolin at Fox

Deadpool 2 had quite a few end credits scenes, playing up some pretty ridiculous concepts of time [...]

Deadpool 2 had quite a few end credits scenes, playing up some pretty ridiculous concepts of time travel, thanks to Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool getting his hands on the time jumping device of Josh Brolin's Cable. However, the home release of Once Upon A Deadpool has a slightly different cut of one scene, and it includes a line of dialogue that could have X-Men fans up in arms.

The scene in question is the one where Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool saves his X-Force everyman recruit Peter from dying a gruesome death on their first team mission. During an exchange between Peter and Deadpool in the OUAD home version, Deadpool outright claims that Fox's plans for an X-Force movie are nothing but sham!

Here's how the scene plays out:

"Wade: PETER!

Peter: WOO HOO - X-Force!

Wade: Peter! Walk...away! Just walk away

Peter: But, we're X-Force.

Wade: Nope. We're not. X-Force is just a marketing tool designed by Fox executives to keep Josh Brolin employed. It doesn't exist.

Peter: Well, this has been pretty scary. And I need to feed my cats.

Wade: Go home sugarbear. Go home.

Peter: Okay, will you give Domino my email?"

As always, its hard to know exactly where the line between joke and truth lies with Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool. The actor has used the character to deliver quite a few "truth in jest" lines, especially where the filmmakers' relationship to 20th Century Fox is concerned. Those sorts of jokes have included commentary on Deadpool's limited ability to use X-Men characters; budget restraints on the first film; teasing big characters to come in sequels; and even casting shade on the likelihood of the franchise lasting past two films. All of those observations fall within Deadpool's uncanny ability for self-awareness, which allows him to see beyond the "fourth wall" of the comic book page or movie screen to real-world happenings.

One has to wonder why the line about X-Force wasn't included in earlier cuts of the post-credits scene sequence - and then, why it shows up in the home edition of Once Upon A Deadpool. It's Deadpool humor, so best not to read into it too far. Of course, with the situation having changed so drastically thanks to the Disney and Fox deal, and recent reports of death in the air for X-Force, the "joke" Deadpool is dropping might not worry the studio as much as it once did.

Once Upon A Deadpool is now available on home video.