Petition To Bring Agent Carter To Netflix Has Over 50,000 Signatures


The fans are rallying behind Agent Carter.

Following the cancellation of the beloved Marvel series by ABC, one fan launched a petition to try and get Agent Carter picked up as a Netflix series. Since launching just a few days ago, the petition has hauled in well over 50,000 signatures as well as earning some recognition on Twitter.

More often than not, the online petitions have very little impact on the fate of TV series, if any at all. Optimistic fans should turn to Constantine, though, which saw huge support after its cancellation and eventually got John Constantine to crossover into the CW DC universe.

Hurting the chances of seeing Agent Carter being picked up by Netflix is the fact that its lead actress Hayley Atwell has already joined a new series at ABC which will take up the time previously allocated to filming the Marvel series.


You can check out the petition and sign it yourself right here.