Secret Invasion Could Come to Disney+, Tie to Captain Marvel 2

Marvel may have a Secret Invasion comic story coming to live-action soon and the social media [...]

Marvel may have a Secret Invasion comic story coming to live-action soon and the social media whisper gang seems to believe it is going to happen on Disney+. Marvel Studios and Disney have given no official indication in terms of an announcement, production, title, or release date for the popular comic story to be adapted but details from the Marvel Cinematic Universe and claims from some scoopers around the Internet seem to imply a series is coming. Given the timeline of upcoming movies, the claims make sense in regard to how the story would unfold in the MCU's canon but could still be wishful thinking, at this point.

Secret Invasion, for starters, is a story which essentially sees Skrulls shape shifting themselves to look and act like the Avengers in an effort to take over the world. They pose as Earth's Mightiest Heroes but certainly don't have much heroic going on about them. The Avengers don't know who they can trust and their enemy is hiding in plain sight. The Marvel Cinematic Universe has put a different spin on Skrulls, having Talos and the others introduced in Captain Marvel as allies to Nick Fury and the heroes. However, as Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige indicated while talking to at a Captain Marvel press event, the Skrulls may not all have good intentions.

"Just like not all humans are bad, and not all humans are good, I think Skrulls probably have a variety of moralities amongst them," Feige said in February of 2019. "When they can do what they can do, it probably gets very tempting. So, it's fun to have introduced this concept and see where it goes."

This leads to thee new theories and claims of a Secret Invasion story leading into Captain Marvel 2 in July of 2022.

The idea of Skrulls posing as well-known characters was introduced to the MCU in the post-credits scene of Spider-Man: Far From Home. Nick Fury's pals Talos and Soren were posing as Fury and Maria Hill throughout the movie, showing their true green form just before the post-credits scene wrapped up. The moment demonstrated how easy it would be for the space race to infiltrate humans and heroes on earth.

This is where the social media scoop gang is coming in with their claims of Marvel's future in live-action. A trio of scoopers came together to back Bleeding Cool's January claim of Marvel developing a Secret Invasion series for the Disney+ streaming platform. This series is being rumored as a direct lead-in to the Captain Marvel sequel which would seemingly be where the meat of the event takes place. At least, this is what high-ranking social media whisper gang member Daniel Richtman is claiming. The film could be a similar ensemble in the vein of Captain America: Civil War, one which features several major supporting characters but keeps Brie Larson's Captain Marvel hero at the front of it.

Looking for more evidence in hope of these rumors being true, one can turn to WandaVision and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. The WandaVision series will set Elizabeth Olsen's Wanda Maximoff up for growth and an eventual appearance in the Strange sequel. The Disney+ shows are not afraid to lead into the movies and Marvel has been very clear that they will be a major part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe going forward.

Whether or not Secret Invasion will head to Disney+, under such a name or otherwise, remains to be soon. The platform has already landed top talent such as Anthony Mackie, Sebastian Stan, Elizabeth Olsen, Paul Bettany, Benedict Cumberbath, Tom Hiddleston, and Jeremy Renner for upcoming shows. The notion of Larson or others joining the effort does not seem to farfetched. Perhaps it will be called SWORD and lead by Samuel L. Jackson during the march to Captain Marvel 2?

While we wait for productions to resume and titles to start releasing again, these rumors are the few shreds of excitement which we can cling to. Whether or not they pan out will be fun to watch.

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Captain Marvel 2 hits theaters on July 2, 2022.