Shang-Chi Producer Confirms Infinity Stone Influence on the Ten Rings

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings' producer has confirmed that there is some Infinity Stone influence with the Ten Rings. Jonathan Schwartz talked to The Direct about how they decided to approach the iconic weapons. From the moment this film was announced, people wondered how they would render such a unique set of items on the big screen. According to Schwartz, they messed around with a number of approaches, but the bangle-based application just ended up carrying the day. Another factor in their decision to go that route would have to be the Infinity Stones and the similarities between the magical MacGuffins. At any rate, the selection seems to have paid off as fans quickly stood behind the bracelet design and how it influenced the action sequences in Shang-Chi. Comic book movies have a tough road to travel when it comes to adapting iconic bits of lore from various characters. Director Daniel Destin Cretton and the team deserve some props for figuring out a way to please most of the fandom.

Schwartz explained, "You know, it may have been a little bit of that, but I think it may just be, there was a little bit of, we sort of felt like the finger rings were going to look a little goofy in practice. And a little bit of leaning into the genre elements. How do we make that come together?"

The director was overwhelmingly positive when asked about his first experience working with Marvel Studios. During a press event, he talked about their collaborative processes.

"Everything at Marvel, I found, which was surprising, I found it to be incredibly collaborative... anybody who has a good idea, if it's a good idea that could make the movie better, it rises to the top. I think making a movie that is a part of this grander universe that already exists is really fun," Cretton said. "There's being able to tap into the setups and questions that were created years ago and be able to find creative ways of answering them. And at the end of our movie, knowing that our characters will exist and continue to live on, and making sure that we are sending them down a road where that makes sense in the grander universe was a really fun, creative process."


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