Spider-Man Gets 9-Year-Old Sidekick Named Spider-Bite

Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #6 introduces the newest hero to the Marvel Universe: Spider-Bite, a nine-year-old superhero who does whatever a spider can.

On the Manhattan Bridge, Spider-Man is helplessly trapped under debris as Doctor Octopus, holding a golden-glowing box, boasts of his victory that will leave New York powerless.

In swings Spider-Bite, a pint-sized Spider-Man who heroically defeats the dismissive Doc Ock while declaring he's actually nine and a half. The Vulture swoops in and rescues Doc Ock, but Spider-Man remains trapped.

(Photo: Marvel Comics)

Spider-Bite doubts he can lift the debris, but working together, Spider-Man is freed. Spider-Man and Spider-Bite's pursuit of the fleeing villains brings them to a train car, where Spider-Bite says the MacGuffin holds "the heart of the city."

The superhero partners are ambushed by Kraven the Hunter, Doctor Octopus, Vulture, and Black Cat. The fight spills over into Grand Central Station, where they're confronted by two more members of the Sinister Six: Mysterio and the Green Goblin.

But the unsuspecting heroes are surprised when the Green Goblin announces the Sinister Sixty, revealing the worst 60 supervillains Spider-Man has ever faced, including Venom and the Juggernaut.

In an epic battle, Spider-Man and Spider-Bite take out Electro and Sandman. They defeat the Hobgoblin, and then Mephisto. They thwip Shocker and Scorpion into submission. By the end of it, the 60 villains are defeated, including the Green Goblin, who reveals the true mastermind: Stilt-Man.

Spider-Man Sinister Sixty
(Photo: Marvel Comics)

The towering villain escapes Grand Central Station, carrying the glowing box. Spider-Man and Spider-Bite swing into action, quickly toppling the skyscraper-dwarfing Stilt-Man.

With the day won, Spider-Man admits he "can't believe it came down to Stilt-Man." When Spider-Bite says he's one of Spidey's greatest foes, Spider-Man tells the kid he only thinks that because he's tall before reassuring the little Spidey he's not short.

"You're nine and a half. It comes with the territory," he says. "You'll grow."

"I hope so," Spider-Bite says. Spider-Man asks him to reveal the contents of the box — the thing New York can't do without.

Spider-Bite opens the box, revealing a Spider-Man action figure. "It's you."

Spider-Bite coughs. He coughs again. Spider-Man removes the kid's mask.

The superhero partners are sat atop a cabinet, surrounded by cardboard skyscrapers and sky-blue wallpaper. The Sinister supervillains are hospital workers in makeshift costumes.

"Stilt-Man," Nathan's dad, brings the boy down. Play time is over, but Nathan yells he doesn't want to go to bed, bringing the room to a standstill.

His parents ask Spider-Man for a quick word outside. "Will you come back? Will you say goodbye?" Nathan asks.

"Of course," Spidey says. "I'm not just going to walk away from my partner."

(Photo: Marvel Comics)

In the hall, Nathan's parents thank Spider-Man for letting the boy be his hero for a day. Dad says Nathan is worried "he won't get up again."

Spider-Man asks Nathan's parents to get his coat.

"You liked being Spider-Man for a day?"

"Yeah. Yeah, it was awesome," Nathan says.


"Good. 'Cause here's the thing... your day's not over."

With that, Nathan cradled in his arms, Spider-Man and Spider-Bite swing high above the city.