Spider-Man: Homecoming Villain And Costume Rumors

Spidey Vulture Tinker

With the Captain America: Civil War relaunch of Spider-Man being safely called a major success, it's time to look ahead to Spidey's upcoming solo outing, Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Tom Holland's Spider-Man is a brand new canvas with which to paint, so it stands to reason that Sony and Marvel Studios want to go in a different direction with their villains as well. According to Joblo.com, sources have told them that despite the Michael Keaton casting falling through (UPDATE: Michael Keaton is now back in talks for a role), the Vulture is still being targeted as the main adversary for Homecoming. This would be the first appearance of the character, also known as Adrian Toomes. Toomes is granted super strength via a special harness of his own design, and it also allows him the ability of flight.

In Homecoming, this origin will be tweaked, as the harness will be comprised of salvaged Chitauri tech from the battle of New York (seen in Avengers). Helping him build the suit will be none other than Phineas Mason, known by most as The Tinkerer.

ditko spidey web wings 02

Sources also told them that Spidey will be getting some new modifications to his suit, in the form of web wings. Peter has rocked these throughout his career as Spidey, but they were far more prevalent in the Steve Ditko era. The ones that Stark makes him can be deployed at any time, so expect to see at least one sequence where he uses them to glide across a large distance.


I've always like the idea of the Vulture being the primary villain, and the fact that they are continuing to mine classic Spider-Man elements for Homecoming makes me incredibly happy.