Spider-Man: No Way Home Director Reveals How the Trilogy Wraps Up Peter Parker's MCU Origin

Spider-Man: No Way Home director Jon Watts says that the trilogy closes the book on Peter Parker's MCU origin. The last movie in Marvel's Home trilogy really leaves the door open for Spider-Man to be just about anything. Tom Holland's character is "finally" out on his own to deal with the real world problems that affect grown-ups. In some comments to Variety, Watts described his feelings about his three movie stint with the character. During this interview, the director reveals that the Home trilogy also maps onto his journey as a filmmaker at Marvel Studios. In a lot of ways, he's not that different than Holland. Following in the footsteps of Sam Raimi and Marc Webb. Hoping to do right by that legacy while crafting a new take on the character that people will love for years to come. For both Spider-Man and the man behind the camera, No Way Home was just about the perfect send-off for this phase of Peter Parker's life.

"I've always taken my greatest fear and made that central to the thematics of the films," he says. "'Homecoming' is about a kid who gets a huge opportunity and is so afraid he'll miss his chance, that he creates a disaster," the director shared. "That was my fear: 'What if I screw the whole thing up?' 'Far From Home' is about being afraid to make a second movie and screwing things up. Peter Parker is given a mission and he doesn't want to take a risk. 'No Way Home' is about trying to finish this origin story and the responsibility that comes with this. Peter Parker and Spider-Man mean so much to people and I felt that responsibility."

Watts went further in his discussion of talking to all three Spider-Men. In so many words, it was like a therapy session that brought closure to all three of these actors and their tenure in the suit.

"We sat on folding chairs in a circle and went through the script together," he began. "I had talked to everyone separately, but to have everyone together to talk about the story, how the pieces fit together and what Spider-Man meant to them — that was exciting for me. We had the only three actors to ever play Spider-Man in a film, and each had been through so much, on and off screen. It was like a Spider-Man therapy session."

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