Watch Spider-Man Tom Holland Dazed And Confused After Losing Wisdom Teeth

Spider-Man is used to taking on super villains at a steady pace, but none of them gave him as many [...]

Spider-Man is used to taking on super villains at a steady pace, but none of them gave him as many problems as having his wisdom teeth extracted, and the after-effects produced some comedic results.

Spider-Man: Homecoming actor Tom Holland recently had to have his wisdom teeth extracted, and as anyone who goes through that process knows, there's a definite haze afterward. The drugs are rather potent, so you end up saying all kinds of things you would never say aloud on a normal day. Most though don't have someone with a camera handy, but that was not with the case for Holland.

Holland's friends were on hand as he woke up, and while Holland didn't say much, his reactions were hilarious. As he gets up his eyes get huge, looking as if he's seen a ghost. He then realizes a bit of where he is, but he constantly looks as if he's going to fall right back down.

His friends try to move him so he can sit forward, but he keeps almost falling back down, so they have to move him back into his former position. It's hard not to feel for the guy, and at the same time, it is hard not to laugh a bit. We hope you feel better Tom!

Thanks lads for looking after me 😂 @hazosterfield @samholland1999! I feel 1/4 less wise haha

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You can watch the full video above.

At least this was planned, unlike when he broke his nose after an impromptu flip gone bad. Holland previously revealed that the director for Homecoming saw footage of him doing backflips, which he decided to show off on the set of The Lost City of Z. Unfortunately, things did not go as planned, as he managed to break his nose.

"So I stood up, I had these stupid leather boots on, I tried to do a backflip, and just broke my face," Holland told Den Of Geek. "I mean, I've been a gymnast since I was a little kid. It's been years since I haven't really landed one, and I remember hitting my face on the floor and going, 'Shit! That didn't happen.' I stood up, I thought I knocked my teeth out, and the makeup artist was laughing at me. And when she saw my face, it went from 'Haha' to 'Oh, medic, medic!'"

Hopefully, this is the last time he needs a medic for a little while.