Square Enix Marvel Variant Figures Iron Man, Captain America, Spider-Man


Coming this fall, Square Enix announced that Tetsuya Nomura will design a series of Marvel Universe variant figures for the Japanese market. Priced at 12800 yen (around $120), the detailed figures are similar in quality to other high-end collectibles available in the American market, and will no doubt find their way overseas to be sold in collectible stores and on eBay. Iron Man will be released as the first, in October 2020. The second figure in the line will be Captain America and then Spider-Man, set to be released in November 2020. You can get a look at the figures below.

All three figures have an armored, metallic look, with clear inspirations from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which can be seen everywhere from Iron Man's posing in some of the photos on the Square Enix sale page to Captain America's distinctive stripes. Of course, while the Iron Man and Iron Spider-Man costumes are pretty common, it's rarer to see Captain America in armor. For some, it might bring to mind a brief period in the '90s when Cap wore a bulky suit of Stark-designed armor in the comics.

Each figure will come signed by Tetsuya Nomura, and will be available to order from now until December 31, at which point they go off the market.

The Iron Man figure, which you can order here, is expected to have a street date of October 31.

Captain America, which you can order here, will hit stores on November 7.

Spider-Man, which you can order here, will arrive on November 21.

Below, you can see a write-up of each figure from the announcement website (bearing in mind that it is translated from Japanese, so it may not be totally clear).

"The first is Iron Man. The glossy red and gold coloring on the solid body. It's palm-sized and compact, but its innovative and sophisticated design is enough to see. The backpack that can be worn on the back can be changed to a blade or shield mode. 7 types of hand parts are also included, so you can enjoy various actions specialized in battle.


"The second Captain America has appeared from 'MARVEL UNIVERSE VARIANT' designed by Tetsuya Nomura. A costume with a star-shaped flag as a motif color, which is worn on a strong body. The armor creates a profound feeling with metallic coloring, creating a new interpretation of Captain America. His shield, which can be said to be his symbol, comes in two colors, the original color and the gold color. Not only can you equip your arms, but you can also mount it on your back or waist, or perform actions such as shield throws that are full of dynamism.

"The third Spider-Man from 'MARVEL UNIVERSE VARIANT' designed by Tetsuya Nomura. The edgy three-dimensional spider web pattern covers the entire body, creating a metallic texture with glossy red, blue, and gold coloring. Built a stylish new Spider-Man statue. The four pincers can be attached to and detached from the backpack, and can be switched between when deployed and when stored. You can enjoy various actions."