Stan Lee Says DC Movies Could Use Him For Cameos


Stan Lee, the comic book movie cameo king (and Marvel's legendary big boss) is now saying that the DCEU could also use his iconic face in their upcoming films. Wait, what? Will Lee be delivering mail or hot dogs to the Justice League?

Maybe we'll see him being a security guard in Metropolis or offering The Flash (Ezra Miller) a superhero pep talk (just like he did with young Peter Parker). Even better, he could show up as an emcee when Aquaman (Jason Momoa) and the boys show up at the underwater strip club.

At Stan Lee's question and answer panel this past weekend at Fan Expo 2016 a fan in the crowd asked if Lee would ever consider doing cameos in other projects. Lee responded with:

"I can't make out what he said, but it sounded like it came from the heart. I want to do more cameos also, I've even let people know it doesn't have to be a Marvel movie, I don't know why DC hasn't called me. They could use me!"

To which the crowd responded with roars of laughter, clapping, and of course uh oh's! Stan, did you just take a jab at the DCEU? Oh, you're in trouble now! Of course his answer was just a part of the on-going playful banter between Marvel and DC, sort of like when David Ayer yelled "F*#! Marvel" at the premiere of his film Suicide Squad.

You can watch the panel in the video below: