The Avengers: Season One To Be Written by Peter David

Peter David, writer of X-Factor and one of the most successful Marvel writers of his generation, announced on his blog today that he would be writing the Avengers: Season One graphic novel that we reported on yesterday. On his blog, he had a little fun with news and gossip site Bleeding Cool, who were the first to notice the entry on Wal-Mart's website, saying,

"Bleeding Cool announced yesterday that Marvel is releasing a special edition through Walmart of "The Avengers" on Blu-Ray and DVD, packaged with an all new, original "Avengers" graphic novel. But who (they wondered), WHO could possibly have been involved with the creation of it? "Yeah, uh, that would be me. One hundred page original 'Avengers' graphic novel. I'll let you find out the artist(s) on your own, but the entire story is by yours truly."

We had no idea who might be writing the book either, and inquiries to Disney were not responded to. This makes for a genuinely impressive product to be included as a throw-in with the DVD; our first instinct was to assume that the value added to the movie would not be all that substantial--that a 100-page graphic novel was unlikely to be done by top talent with high production value--but it's difficult to characterize David as anything less than one of the best (and most mainstream-friendly) that Marvel has to offer. In addition to being a writer for Stan Lee's World of Heroes YouTube site, David writes for Marvel, does other film, TV and novel projects regularly. His Madrox story was recently called out by a Cougar Town executive producer as a good candidate for Joss Whedon's Marvel series for ABC Television.