'The Gifted's Jamie Chung Teases 'Exiles' Look For Blink

FOX’s new superhero show features a refreshing take on mutants and X-Men, but we might seeing a [...]

FOX's new superhero show features a refreshing take on mutants and X-Men, but we might seeing a more comic book-accurate take on one of the series' lead characters.

Actor Jamie Chung stars on The Gifted as Clarice Fong AKA Blink, a mutant with the ability to open up teleportation portals. ComicBook.com caught up with Chung at New York Comic Con where she revealed the story behind the character's markings on her face and how they tie to her powers. Check out the video above!

"You do see the limitations [of her powers], actually," said Chung. "In the comics she's quite fluid with her powers. And in our story, it needs to be something very visual for her. It would be difficult for me to teleport to the middle of the convention center because I've never been there, I don't know what it looks like, there's all these barriers to get to that location. She needs to be familiar with that space."

Chung said she's constantly discussing the limitations of Blink's powers with the writers and that it's fun to establish rules for the show.

"But [her powers] continue to grow as she grows stronger," Chung said, "and you'll notice that… she continues to get markings as her powers start to form more."

In the comics, Blink has a few dark pink markings on her face, including one that covers her eye and another in the middle of her forehead. But in The Gifted, the character only has one under her right eye.

"We added another one at the end of Episode 2… But as her powers continue to grow, she gets more markings on the face. So it will be more similar to the comic book Blink," Chung said.

While there are some deviations, the character on The Gifted has a clear roadmap ahead of her. Chung teased that her character would also start to develop the leadership skills she's known for in the Exiles comics. In the opening scene of the series, Blink is a loner rescued but Eclipse, Polaris, and Thunderbird's makeshift crew.

Fans who want the character they know from the comics to appear on the screen won't have to wait long. Just don't expect to see the neon pink skin anytime soon.

The Gifted airs Mondays on FOX.