The King Star Timothee Chalamet is Sometimes Mistaken for Spider-Man Star Tom Holland

The King star Timothée Chalamet is sometimes mistaken for Spider-Man star Tom Holland, who Chalamet calls a “f—ing awesome Spider-Man.” Chalamet auditioned for the role and reportedly made its shortlist alongside Nat Wolff, Asa Butterfield, and Liam James, with Holland winning out and debuting as a rebooted Peter Parker in Marvel Studios’ Captain America: Civil War. But the Call Me By Your Name and Beautiful Boy actor, who next appears in Little Women and the Denis Villeneuve-directed Dune, is happy to be misidentified as Holland, because the Marvel actor is “a great guy.”

“Some people know a lot and are well-researched. And some people, it’s more like, ‘Wait, I know you from something,’ ‘Did we go to school together?’” Chalamet told BBC Radio 1 when asked about being recognized on the street. “Or like, ‘You’re the Spider-Man [guy], you’re the Tom Holland guy, right?’ I’m like, ‘No, that’s not me.’”

“I guess I’ve never gotten that, I haven’t gotten the ‘Spider-Man guy,’ but I’ve gotten Tom,” he added. “Which is awesome, though, because he’s a great guy, and a f—ing awesome Spider-Man. The best Spider-Man.”

Before Chalamet’s The King co-star Robert Pattinson won the role of the new Batman, taking over from Ben Affleck, Chalamet told Variety in October 2018 he wants to work on “anything that’s good” when asked about an interest in playing the then-vacated role of the Dark Knight.

The Dark Knight, that’s one of my favorite films,” he said. “I want to work on things like, anything that’s good.”

When Variety followed up a year later, speaking to Chalamet ahead of The King, the 23-year-old actor said he’s “not averse” to superhero universes.


“I grew up — you can ask my mum, who’s here — people in the elevator would ask me when I was five-years-old, ‘What’s your name?’ and I would say Robin,” Chalamet said. “Actually every director steered away from putting Robin [in a movie] — well, actually Zack Snyder had a flashback of Robin, but it was like three seconds and I don't even know if it was Robin by name, but they’ve steered away from it because it’s hard to do dramatically or something, and … I’m not averse to those universes.”

The King is now streaming on Netflix. Holland next returns as Peter Parker/Spider-Man in Spider-Man 3, another joint production between Disney-owned Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures, in theaters July 16, 2021.