The Lost City Star Sandra Bullock Wants Daniel Radcliffe to Be MCU's Wolverine

Daniel Radcliffe is known best for playing Harry Potter, and will soon be playing the titular role in Weird: The Al Yankovich Story. Currently, you can catch him on the big screen in The Lost City alongside Sandra Bullock. While the actor has a lot of fun projects in the works, there's one role the Internet wants to see him play, and that's Wolverine. While speaking with at the SXSW premiere of The Lost City, Radcliffe said that he appreciates fans want a "short guy" to play Wolverine in keeping with comics canon, but not only has he not been cast, he doesn't see them choosing him after Hugh Jackman's time in the role. However, the casting suggestion keeps coming up, and now Radcliffe's The Lost City co-star is joining the campaign. 

"I mean, Dan it must have been weird waking up to find you were cast as Wolverine," It's Gone Viral joked. "Mate, that's been happening to me semi-annually for the last three years," Radcliffe replied. "Why don't you just do it?" Bullock asked. "Because no one's asking me in reality, Sandra. It's just like Twitter speculation," Radcliffe explained. "Wolverine people, can you please just f***ing cast him. Just do it. Stop tiptoeing around and having people ask at press junkets. Just cast the man," Bullock replied. 

"So many times, people come to me like, 'Hey man, heard the Wolverine news, that's pretty cool.' No, I don't know anything about it," Radcliffe previously told "Like, I appreciate that somebody is clearly going like 'Wolverine's actually short in the comic books, you should get like a short guy to do it!'" Radcliffe said. "But I don't see myself, I don't see them going from Hugh Jackman to me. But who knows? Prove me wrong, Marvel."

Recently, Good Morning Britain also asked Radcliffe about Wolverine. The actor said "never say never" when it came to joining Marvel. After being presented with a Photoshopped image of his face on Jackman's Wolverine body, he responded, "That's a very flattering mockup someone's done. I keep getting asked about it and I always try to say, 'No, it's not happening. It's just a Twitter rumor.' But everyone just keeps taking that as confirmation. It's just fan theory at the moment. I welcome the comparison. Who wouldn't like to be compared to Hugh Jackman."

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The Lost City is now playing in theaters.