The Punisher Working Title Revealed

ComicBook has exclusively learned the working title for the upcoming The Punisher series on Netflix - Crime. Frank Castle is officially back and better than ever.

The Punisher, played by John Bernthal, was first introduced into the dark and gritty Marvel / Netflix world in season 2 of Daredevil, in which he took fans of the popular vigilante character by storm. In fact, Frank Castle stole the spotlight, enough so that he managed to land his own solo series.

Bernthal was just spotted in Brooklyn on set, donning a black hoodie, a grizzly beard, and the general "all-black all the time" Punisher look, meaning it's very possible that The Punisher is already filming.

Fans were rather upset to learn that John Bernthal is unable to appear all four days at this year's New York Comic Con due to his "Netflix production schedule." The actor will still be appearing on Saturday and Sunday this coming weekend, hopefully with some news.

Details concerning The Punisher Netflix series have been kept mysteriously under wraps. We do know that Ben Barnes has joined the cast, and some have guessed that the British actor will play Bobby Saint, a dirty mob boss with a penchant for dealing illegal weapons.


Considering the upcoming slate of Marvel series on Netflix including Iron Fist, Jessica Jones Season 2, and the tag-team miniseries The Defenders, we expect to see The Punisher debut sometime in 2018. However, with Frank Castle, sooner is always better.