Thor: Love and Thunder Reveals Alternate Look at Marvel's Eternity

The character of Eternity, a living embodiment of the infinite universe, was always going to be a tough one for the Marvel Cinematic Universe to crack. Eternity has always had a unique look in the comics, and readers have long wondered how the live-action MCU would bring the character to life. We found out the answer to that question in Thor: Love and Thunder. A surprisingly accurate depiction of Eternity is now a part of the MCU, but the look that ended up on-screen was one of many the creative team came up with.

Following Thor: Love and Thunder's streaming debut on Disney+, concept artist Jeremy Love showed a few different ideas for Eternity. Some of them utilized a flame that saw Eternity rise up out of the smoke, while others involved enormous structures at the edge of the universe. Take a look!

The version of Eternity we got was much simpler than most of the designs featured in the concept art. The Eternity featured in Love and Thunder is found sitting in a shallow pool of water that goes on forever in every direction.

Now that Love and Thunder is available on Disney+, fans are anxious to see if the physical home release will include additional deleted scenes. Star Natalie Portman revealed during the press tour that there were several settings that were ultimately cut in the final version of the film.

"The joy and the sorrow of a Taika Waititi project is that he creates so much brilliance and so much material that the movie could be like an infinite number of things," Portman told Collider. "And it like inevitably means that incredible, hilarious, moving comedy and drama ends up not there. So, there's a lot. I mean, there's full planets that are not there anymore."

"I pray that it'll end up in like a DVD extra somewhere or that it comes out somewhere," Portman later said of the deleted content. "Because I mean, yeah, it's pretty remarkable stuff."

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