'Thor: Ragnarok' Originally Had An Additional Villain

Thor: Ragnarok's Hela might just be the best villain in the Marvel Cindematic Unverse, but the [...]

Thor: Ragnarok's Hela might just be the best villain in the Marvel Cindematic Unverse, but the original script called for her to take on another villain during the film.

Warning, spoilers incoming for Thor: Ragnarok, so if you haven't seen the movie yet you've been warned.

One of the most stylish sequences in the movie is Hela's arrival in Asgard, where she obliterates the the Asgardian soldiers in a flurry of swords and daggers. As Pearson revealed to Yahoo though, an earlier version featured her taking on the immensely powerful Destroyer.

"I always want the villain to be really … not-Disney," Pearson said. "I want to give them moments where they're really massacring or crushing people, and she has that great entrance where she takes everybody out. [Originally it was extended,] and they were like, 'This is a bit repetitive, and we don't have the days to shoot it.' There was [also] a scene where she thought they were hiding the sword in the armory, this big fortress. She goes up, and the destroyer armor comes out to take her out, and she just rips that thing apart too, just to call back the destroyer armor. And it just felt like an extra beat that we didn't need. We needed to get Thor pushing back to Asgard as fast as possible.""

Granted, Cate Blanchett made an impressive even before she started taking apart the forces of Asguard, and Pearson fought for that as well.

"When they told me Cate Blanchett [was cast], I was like, 'Guys, don't you want to see her give a speech? Don't you want the best in the world to come in as cool as she is and just tell everyone what she's going to do?'" Pearson said. "And they're like, 'Yeah, you're probably right.' And so I got to write a speech for her. And then Taika of course comes in with the brilliant way to take the piss out of it at the end."

It seems the right choice was made in both circumstances, despite how cool that Hela vs Destroyer fight could've looked on screen.

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