'Thor: Ragnarok' Editor Reveals Hilarious Scene That Got Cut

Thor: Ragnarok is hands down one of Marvel's funniest films, and there was plenty of footage that didn't make the final cut.

Hilarious banter is littered throughout the film, and while Ragnarok editor Zene Baker doesn't feel the film lacked anything, there is one sequence he was sad to see go.

"Some people would probably disagree with me, but I don’t think there’s any that anybody would really miss," Baker told Collider. "There are some little moments. There’s one moment that Joel, the other editor, and I really loved, but it was just a moment, more than anything. It got dropped out of the movie and we tried to get it back in, but it just never happened."

That moment involved Thor and Valkyrie, who already shared more than a few delightful scenes together. "It was when Thor sees Val in the pre-fight area and confronts her, and then the guards are dragging him away," Baker said. "They zap him and, in the alternate take, as he’s being dragged away, he’s like, “I hate you! I hate you so much!” We thought it was just hilarious. It was a nice little character moment, more than anything. But, that never made it back in. Every time Joel and I see it, we’re like, “Oh, I miss that so much!” I would love to switch that out for the Blu-ray. If they would just let me do that, that would be amazing!"

So, there's a chance you might see it after all!

Cutting the film down with all that extra material is a difficult task, but luckily the Ragnarok team has an uncanny knack for finding the funny.


"There were definitely a lot of options," Baker said. "We rely on our own instincts, and Taika has got a very good, enthusiastic sense of humor, as does Joel Negron, the other editor. I love him. He’s fantastic! He did The Nice Guys. Not a lot of people know that. He did Transformers movies and he did Pain & Gain. So, we all had our own senses of humor and it was a really good, solid team."

Thor: Ragnarok currently holds an 84.40 on ComicBook.com's composite rankings, and is in theaters now.