Venom 2 Director Andy Serkis Reveals Update on Spider-Man Spinoff Plans

By now, Venom: Let There Be Carnage is well into post-production as it waits out the current box [...]

By now, Venom: Let There Be Carnage is well into post-production as it waits out the current box office scene; as it currently stands, the feature is set for release in late June. Since an outfit like Marvel doesn't appear to be budging on Black Widow's May release date, it stands to reason the Venom sequel will be able to hold its ground as well. Though Andy Serkis couldn't talk much about the movie, he has taken some time on a recent press tour to update fans on its status.

According to a conversation with, Serkis says Sony is simply waiting for the pandemic to pan out to see how the box office fares before launching the marketing for Let There Be Carnage. Despite a June release, the outfit has yet to release a trailer or any time of marketing outside of the initial logo teaser.

"I'm super excited about it. Again, it's not something I can particularly talk about right now because we're saving it for when everybody can go and enjoy it in the cinema," Serkis tells the site. "I don't want to blow it or talk about it too much before then, but I've had a ball working on that film. It's been great. [It's] another bunch of brilliant actors, and it's headed up by another keen SAS man, Tom Hardy [Laughs]. I hope you won't feel disappointed. It was a real pleasure working on it."

Serkis played Ulysses Klaue in both Avengers: Age of Ultron and Black Panther. After two appearances in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Serkis is now hopping behind the camera to film an entry in Sony's Universe of Marvel Character. If one thing's for certain, Serkis says fans can stop asking him when the movie's trailer is going to be released.

Serkis concludes, "I know! I think that's the question I get asked more than anything else: 'When is the Venom trailer coming out?"

Venom can be purchased or rented wherever movies are sold.

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