Listen To Tom Hardy's 1999 Rap Mix-Tape

The Dark Knight Rises and Venom actor Tom Hardy's 1999 rap mix-tape has surfaced online.The [...]

The Dark Knight Rises and Venom actor Tom Hardy's 1999 rap mix-tape has surfaced online.

The once-aspiring rapper recorded mix-tape Falling on Your Arse in 1999 under the name Tommy No. 1, with producer Eddie Too Tall (real name Edward Tracy) uploading the unfinished recordings to Soundcloud, where you can listen to the 18-track record.

Tracy's Bandcamp page says the tapes were "made in a bedroom in 1999" and "never really finished."

Hardy wrote and performed the lyrics, with Tracy serving as music writer and producer.

Tracks include "We Make the Beats," "Bring the F—king Noise," "People Like to Boogie" and "Sit Your Arse Down.""I started out rapping when I was 14 or 15," Hardy told the BBC in a 2011 interview. He added, "Because I come from a nice middle-class neighbourhood it was a very hard sell. And I wasn't very good!"

"I used to be with the guy who managed Leela James and Lauren Hill, Pras, the Fugees and all that," Hardy explained, saying he worked out with Grammy Award-winning producers Warren Riker and Gordon Williams."I've recorded loads of stuff but it's never been released," Hardy said.

"I've got albums, man. My best friend Peanut, he grew up in the south Bronx. He's a very good MC and we still play. It'll come out in a film one day, it'll come out in a character somewhere".

The Oscar-nominated actor (The Revenant) rose to fame in films RocknRolla and Bronson, cementing himself as a familiar face after starring in director Christopher Nolan's Inception and The Dark Knight Rises, the finale of Nolan's Batman trilogy.

The Max Max: Fury Road and Dunkirk star will next headline Spider-Man spinoff Venom as Eddie Brock for Sony Pictures.

The first installment of "Sony's Marvel Universe," Venom is expected to carry an R rating.

Producer Matt Tolmach (The Amazing Spider-Man, The Amazing Spider-Man 2) had high praise for Hardy, whose Eddie Brock is described as "gritty, real, authentic, funny" but also an "embittered character and a truth-teller who has made mistakes."

"It's like a master class watching [Tom] act every day and he's such a risk taker and he loved this character," Tolmach said, adding the actor "believed in this character entirely."

"He just has crazy integrity about it and so he challenges everything we're doing in the most brilliant way," Tolmach explained.

"For him, it's like, 'if I'm going to do this, I'm going to do it and give it it's due.' Because the love that the fans have for that character is profound and he shares it. So, it's really exciting."

Venom opens October 5.