WandaVision: Elizabeth Olsen Reveals Her Favorite Series Easter Egg

Elizabeth Olsen explained her favorite Easter Egg from WandaVision. The Wanda Maximoff actress [...]

Elizabeth Olsen explained her favorite Easter Egg from WandaVision. The Wanda Maximoff actress talked to Sean Evans on Hot Ones about the Disney+ juggernaut. She led things off with a small detail from the first episode with the Maison du Mepris wine bottle that Scarlett Witch serves to their dinner guests. Marvel fans caught onto the detail and went absolutely wild on social media. However, there would be so much more to point toward as the show continued. (Let's not forget all those references to He Who Will Not Be Named at this period.) Still, Olsen gives all the credit for that little bit of trivia to their prop director. People behind the scenes are usually responsible for some of the coolest things that make it on screen for these large Marvel projects. Check out what she had to say down below as Evans mentions that Agatha's house is the same one from BeWitched.

"It is, yeah," she said of the BeWitched house being Agatha's lair. "I learn about Easter Eggs when people point them out. So, the one that I learned about that I thought was really great. There was a wine bottle that's poured in the first episode. The 50s episode. It's in French, but I think it translates to something like… House of Madness or something like that. It's a reference to House of M and that's our brilliant prop guy being cute and putting in those things. He just thinks of them.

Things got even more entertaining as the host asked the Marvel star how they handled hoping through so many time periods during WandaVision.

"I love all different types of actors, so sometimes people come to work and they would have a great idea when they were sleeping," she began. "Now, we have to rearrange lines and stuff or a scene. And that takes a lot of time, and we didn't have that time. So, it was like chaos and sometimes we had to do multiple decades in a day. So, like wigs, I'm always in a bald cap basically, wigs are constantly flying on and off. Kathryn Hahn and I doing vocal warm-ups trying to remember what decade we're in. It was chaotic, but it was fun and we had a good time. It was truly joyful."

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