Wandavision: Elizabeth Olsen Reacts To Theory About Mary-Kate and Ashley

There is no shortage of WandaVision theories as the first Marvel Disney+ series is gearing up to release it first episode next Friday and the marketing for the series has been cryptic, to say the least. Elizabeth Olsen will be reprising her role as Wanda Maximoff in what is going to be a thrill ride structured like iconic sitcoms. Of course, Olsen's family has ties of their own to such shows, with her sisters Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen having played Michelle Tanner on Full House. Olsen went on to Jimmy Kimmel Live on Monday night, where the late night host posed a theory which would call for an appearance by her sisters.

"What about this one? Wanda bears a striking resemblance to these actors who played the role of Michelle Tanner on a sitcom from the '90s called Full House," Kimmel suggested to Olsen. "Which would mean Uncle Joey is about to join the MCU?"

Olsen was being coy in all of her responses as the strict Marvel rules call for limiting any details of upcoming titles from being shared but she did have a laugh with this theory. "That would be incredible," she said. "It is very meta the whole thing." Not a confirmation but not a denial? Maybe the Olsen family has a little reunion on the set of WandaVision? Not going to be on it but it could be a funny, super meta moment.

The Olsen twins popping up was not Kimmel's only theory.

"There are two dots inside the rectangle on his tie and then two dots on the outside and I guess the idea is that your characters are trapped inside something and also on the outside, where you either can't get in or can't get out," Kimmel suggested.

Olsen admits, this could be true, but she would not know. "The thing is," Elizabeth noted, "all of these Easter eggs, even if they were real, they would go way above my head. So I have no idea." You can watch the full Kimmel interview on YouTube.

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WandaVision will premiere its first episode on Disney+ on January 15.