WandaVision Star Emma Caulfield Addresses Fan Theories About Dottie

Of the many WandaVision theories which have spawned through the show's first three episodes (with [...]

Of the many WandaVision theories which have spawned through the show's first three episodes (with a reverse House of M effect being my personal favorite), there are several questions and speculative bits surrounding Emma Caulfield's Dottie character. Dottie seems to be running the show for the women in Westview, essentially being the well-connected leader of the pack. Marvel fans have come up with their own thoughts on who the character might really be with idea ranging from Mephisto to Agatha Harkness or even Clea. Now, Caulfield has weighed in on some of the theories but stops short of confirming or denying any of them.

Previously, Caulfield has played a demon character on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which has prompted some of the hellish suspicions from fans. "That's true. What I played before, though, has zero bearing on Marvel," Caulfield told Slashfilm. "I do think that one's super fun. I like all of them. I was just saying to somebody, there have been theories about Dottie before anybody knew I was playing Dottie."

This all goes back to the first photos which caught Caulfield on the Marvel show's set. Social media swore up and down Evan Peters was on set in a major disguise or Lady Gaga had finally joined a Marvel title. None of those turned out to be the case, of course. "There were paparazzi pictures that were leaked months before I was able to talk about it," Caulfield explains. "I had a wig on and I had a full mask and I had my costume clothes. [According to theories] I was everyone from Scarlett Johansson to Lady Gaga. I'm forgetting who else. There were some really interesting people and I'm just laughing, going, nobody's guessing me, that's amazing. Like, I'm completely anonymous right now. I mean, that's me but I still can't talk about it. The directive was, if someone gets it right then it's like, ooh. But okay, you still can't say anything, but you obviously can't deny that's you. But no one did, so it's really amazing thing and even now it's not like, 'Hi Dottie.' It's 'Who's Dottie?!' And obviously things aren't what they seem, that's a given. So, obviously there's more questions to be asked, and plenty of theories, but I can't confirm or deny any of them."

She can't confirm or deny any of it because those are, of course, the rules while working with Marvel. It's certainly not because she does not know what's coming. "I knew what was happening, I knew the show," Caulfield said. "It's just a wonderful story and I was very excited to see how things were gonna get pulled off. And Jac [Schaeffer] is just such a great writer and I just love her so much, and she just never disappoints, she's just so good."

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