WandaVision Episode 5: Magneto, Captain Marvel, and More Easter Eggs Explained

If you think you caught all the X-Men references and other major Easter eggs in WandaVision's [...]

If you think you caught all the X-Men references and other major Easter eggs in WandaVision's fifth episode, give the video abov a look and see if you still learn something. WandaVision had so much to offer with its episode titled, "On A Very Special Episode..." that catching all of it is quite a task but we certainly tried our best. In the video above and article below, we take a look at waht the surprising cameo could mean for the Marvel Cinematic Universe and try to dig a bit deeper into what exactly is going on in Westview. Spoilers ahead!

First of all, the possibly implications from the end of the episode are wild. Wanda and Vision have a little disagreement as Vision starts to realize Wanda is manipulating everyone and there's a huge missed opportunity for Wanda to give us the "You're a damn toaster line!" from the comics.

(Photo: Marvel Comics)

When the doorbell rings to disrupt their conversation, Evan Peters is standing there. Wanda, somehow, thinks this is er brother Pietro - her dead brother - but she had said she was not responsible for his arrival.

So, here are my thoughts: either Mephisto is disguising his devilish self to do some damage control as Wanda starts to lose her grip on everything in Westview or Wanda was telling the truth when she said she "can't fix dead. This could mean her manifestation of longing for Pietro actually pulled in Pietro from the X-Men universe, thus confirming its parallel existence to the MCU movie world. This would explain why Tobey Maguire eand Andrew Garfield could be back in Spider-Man 3 and why J.K. Simmons already returned in Far From Home -- which is technically set after WandaVision because it's 8 months after Endgame and WandaVision is about 3 weeks after Endgame.

X-Men Quicksilver solo movie Evan Peters

Although WandaVision named Wanda's MCU parents as Irina and Oleg Maximoff, there were still nods to comic daddy Magneeto when she took over all those guns outside of Westview just like Michael Fassbender's Magneto has done in X-Men movies. She also did a swaggy little hand wave when she took control of the situation, just like Magneto has done. See the comparisons for yourself in the tweet below.

Tom King told us we'd meet Sparky the dog on WandaVision on the Phase Zero podcast. He wasn't lying but Sparky is already dead. Here's the thing; the real sparky in comics is a green synthezoid dog which took a real dead dog's brain to give life to a robo-pup, so maybe that's still coming. Dark, but certainly possible.

Monica has the richest story to mine for answers.

She's got some beef with Captain Marvel because she clearly does not want to talk about Carol in this episode, hard to imagine why because she was pretty much like her cool aunt Carol last time we saw them together. More importantly, she might just be getting her Spectrum powers! Spectrum can transform herself into any form of energy within the electromagnetic spectrum and Monica's post-Westview MRI came back looking pretty scrambled. This can't be meaningless.

She also said she knows an aerospace engineer who can help her build a vehicle to get into Westview (which in Spanish subtitles used a feminine descriptor in the word). My initial reaction is, "Oh, Reed Richards and Fantastic Four are coming to the MCU!" More realistically, that's probably James Rhodes, but then again, it could be Adam Brashear aka Blue Marvel who is on the Ultimates tea with Monica in comics! Maybe a member of the Ant-family from the Ant-Man movies because the promos show a vehicle busting into Westview that looks a lot like the vehicle used in Ant-Man and the Wasp to travel to the Quantum Realm?

(Photo: Marvel Comics / Visionquest)

An awesome nod to the comics came when Heyward showed Wanda retrieving Vision's body, this is straight up a panel out of the VIsionquest comic and could lead to Vision being rebuilt in his all white form.

Norm gets awakened by Vision to become Abilash Tandon, his real self, and he's worried about his dad and sister -- interestingly, this moment was already seen by Darcy, Jimmy, and SWORD because those details were on his note sheet in last week's episode.

Abilash also said "she" is controlling everything, which leads us to believe everybody is feeling Wanda's powers, but it could also be leading to Agatha Harkness revealing herself as the woman behind the curtain. Agatha is a super powerful witch who sometimes coaches Wanda up in comics, and it would explain the term "Hex" being used throughout the show, but it also contradicts Monica outright saying, "It's all Wanda."

Last thing: the Lagos commercials was totally savage, referencing Wanda making a mess in Lagos which prompted the Sokovia Accords to be put into place, and Wanda feeling like she has blood on her hands while trying to clean up the mess. This poor woman, she's been through enough.

What easter eggs and references did you catch in WandaVision Episode 5? Drop them in the comments or send them my way on Instagram!

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