WandaVision: Sparky is Headed to the MCU

By the time WandaVision has released all nine of its episodes, it is going to have introduced an onslaught of new characters to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. According to award winning The Vision comic writer Tom King, one of the goodest characters is yet to come. Sparky is apparently coming to the Marvel Cinematic Universe through WandaVision, the dog created by King in his Vision comic and one which has already been vaguely teased for hardcore fans in promo material for the Disney+ series. On ComicBook.com's Phase Zero podcast, King revealed that it is his understanding we will be seeing Sparky.

"I've been told Sparky appears, I think," King said. "Because that's a character Gabriel [Hernandez] and I created, so... That was, a character-- it's a dog that we created." The dog house had previously been spotted in promotional videos for WandaVision, leading some fans to believe the synthezoid dog would be making his debut.

See the clip from the Phase Zero podcast in the tweet below!

Sparky was created by Vision in King's The Vision comic but the dog's origin is quite dog. When a neighbor's dog Zeke dug up the Grim Reaper's body, Zeke was electrocuted by the Grim Reaper's scythe. Ultimately, Vision used Zeke's brain patterns to create the consciousness of his new green dog Sparky and went on to lie when the neighbors revealed they were searching for their lost dog. Sparky did not survive through th end of King's Vision comic, ultimately being beaten to death by Vision's wife Virginia as a fiery and violent reaction to Vision and Virginia's daughter Viv learning that Virginia had been involved with the death of one Viv's classmates. In a later issue, Tony Stark and Scarlet Witch helped bring Sparky back to life. "

As for whether or not WandaVision will take turns as dark as his comic, King casts a few doubts. I always go back to comic book and comic book history, but Marvel has made incredible comics, but DC has made these sort of dark, tent-pole comics, these Watchmen, these Dark Knight Returns, New Frontier. These sort of comics that are, for lack of a better term, literary superhero comics, and Marvel has shied away from them. I mean, that's a big over assumption, but that's generally true," King explained. "That's what I was trying to do, was sort of to bring that DC sort of vibe to Marvel. And yeah, I mean, the most popular comic in DC's history was Watchmen, Dark Knight Returns. Those are still the popular comics and they still inspire the movies. And I think when people see that kind of energy in Marvel, it'll just spark more energy."

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