WandaVision: Randall Park and Kat Dennings Want The Jimmy Woo and Darcy X-Files Spinoff

When Marvel fans want to be heard, it's still sometimes surprising how quickly their voices reach [...]

When Marvel fans want to be heard, it's still sometimes surprising how quickly their voices reach the actors and filmmakers responsible for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Following WandaVision releasing its fourth episode, Marvel fans began clamoring for a Jimmy Woo and Darcy Lewis spinoff series where the solve mysterious cases each week in the vein of X-Files. Sure enough, this idea has made its way to Jimmy Woo and Darcy actors Randall Park and Kat Dennings, respectively. In fact, they are not the only members of the Marvel family this idea has come across.

Dennings and Park both talked with ComicBook.com in separate interviews on Monday afternoon. The duo became fan favorites with the new episode of WandaVision and we decided to relay that love to the actors. When asked if they had heard of the spinoff idea which had been going around, let alone if they would be interested in such work, both Park and Dennings knew what we were talking and seem to love the idea.

"I've heard," Park said of the idea. I've heard that and I didn't know that, but I learned that today and I think that that would be amazing! And I would be down if, you know, if Kevin Feige he wanted that, in a heartbeat of course I would do it.

Dennings, who seems uncertain about her role as Darcy beyond WandaVision, also seems to love the idea of such a fun work opportunity. "I have heard rumblings of people saying that, which I will take with a grain of salt, but I mean I'll work with Randall Park any day," she says.

However, the idea has also made its way to other members of the Marvel Studios family which audiences have not had a chance to see in action, yet. Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings star Simu Liu quote-tweeted a viral tweet suggesting the spinoff series with a fun request. "Down," he said. "Maybe they'd let me cameo too?" Don't rule it out. After all, Simu Liu went after the Shang-Chi role on Twitter years ago and look where that got him!

See his tweet about the spinoff below.

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