Paul Bettany Reveals Time He "Flipped Out" On Set to Get out of Vision Make-up

Paul Bettany's time with the Marvel Cinematic Universe used to be just sitting in a voice over [...]

Paul Bettany's time with the Marvel Cinematic Universe used to be just sitting in a voice over booth and recording some dialogue in a couple of hours. Six years ago however JARVIS turned into The Vision and became a member of Earth's Mightiest Heroes that appeared on camera and had a trailer on the set. Speaking in a new interview, Bettany was asked about getting into the head space of wearing his Vision make-up (which is far more intense than you might realize) and revealed the circumstances of when he "flipped out" on set of WandaVision to get out of the costume.

"I guess I had one time where I flipped out on set and I just went 'somebody has to help me get out of this suit,' and they pulled it down and everybody was really lovely," Bettany told host Angélique Roché during ACE Universe Presents: A Conversation with Paul Bettany online panel. "It's so embarrassing to talk about because obviously you're getting paid to wear an uncomfortable suit but after five days in a row of just being encased in this thing you're like 'I gotta get it off my chest.' I sat there for like five, ten minutes just breathing, and then we went back into it and it was fine. That was the one time I think I flipped out. I'm mostly kind of chill, calm."

Bettany also detailed what it's like to wear the suit itself which features a system of pumps throughout that "pumps ice cold water around your body."

"There's a lot of getting ready," he added. "There's me getting ready before the shoot because you want to fit into the suit and if you've got a little beer belly it kind of gives the game away. So there's that portion of it but there's also sort of mental portion which is that it is incredibly claustrophobic wearing that stuff. So you need to be in a really good place in your head, and I was, I really thought about it doing the TV show because it was all the time. Whereas with the movies you would dip in, you would do two days here and maybe three days in a row there, and I had noticed that if I had been working in that costume for five days straight I really, really needed out of it by the end of that."

Bettany's entire timeline as Vision can be watched on Disney+. If you haven't signed up for Disney+ yet, you can try it out here.

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